Club Race Standings

Club Race Standings are the shooter rankings for the month based on their score against all other participants across Canada who shot the same course of fire.

Points Calculation

Match winners in each division are awarded 100 points. All other shooters’ match points will be based off of the percentage of the winning shooter’s points . (For example, if the winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84% or 84 points from 100).

The leader board will be first sorted using the competitors’ series points and then by the actual match points scored during each match.

Competitor’s match points are aggregated for the 2020 season and shown on the National Leaderboard.

A couple of notes:

1) If you participated in two matches of the same month, your score for first match will count for the points race.

2) If you shot more with than one club, the first one in alphabetical order is what will show up next to your name.



Monthly Club Race

Open Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1ROSS, ROBERTStittsvilleEastOntario410100
2NORMAN, TONYStittsvilleEastOntario40097.56
3PERKINS, CHRISTOPHERStittsvilleEastOntario39095.12
4GRAVES, JEFFStittsvilleEastOntario39095.12
5GORDON, ROBERTStittsvilleEastOntario39095.12
6BARKS, STEVEStittsvilleEastOntario38092.68
7GOYETTE, KEVINStittsvilleEastOntario36087.8
8LOGSTRUP, CHRISStittsvilleEastOntario34082.93
9JOSSELIN, GREGORYStittsvilleEastOntario30073.17
10BEGIN, GABRIELStittsvilleEastOntario28068.29
11HART, COLINStittsvilleEastOntario28068.29
12GILMOUR, KOLANStittsvilleEastOntario27065.85
13GOURGON, THOMASStittsvilleEastOntario27065.85
14HUI, MATTHEWStittsvilleEastOntario26063.41
15ADAMS, WILLIAMStittsvilleEastOntario23056.1
16HOGLE, LANCEStittsvilleEastOntario20048.78
17TURNER, PAULStittsvilleEastOntario19046.34
18DENTON, ANDREWStittsvilleEastOntario18043.9
19SOUCIE, GREGORYStittsvilleEastOntario16039.02
20HECTOR, MARTINStittsvilleEastOntario14034.15

Production Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1ROY, NICKStittsvilleEastOntario320100
2JOLICOEUR, PASCALStittsvilleEastOntario24075
3HARRISON, SCOTStittsvilleEastOntario15046.88

Youth Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1JOSSELIN, VINCENTStittsvilleEastOntario160100