Club Race Standings

Club Race Standings are the shooter rankings for the month based on their score against all other participants across Canada who shot the same course of fire.

Points Calculation

Match winners in each division are awarded 100 points. All other shooters’ match points will be based off of the percentage of the winning shooter’s points . (For example, if the winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84% or 84 points from 100).

The leader board will be first sorted using the competitors’ series points and then by the actual match points scored during each match.

Competitor’s match points are aggregated for the 2021 season and shown on the National Leaderboard.

A couple of notes:

1) If you participated in two matches of the same month, your score for first match will count for the points race.

2) If you shot more with than one club, the first one in alphabetical order is what will show up next to your name.



August Club Race Standings

Open Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1GLATT, ADAMSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan500100
2LACUNA, CARLOSGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario490100
3NORMAN, TONYStittsvilleEastOntario490100
4SPARLING, GRANTGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario490100
5TUSKAN, STEVEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario490100
6QUENET, MATTHEWVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia470100
7HILDEBRAND, TRAVISDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba460100
8HOUGHTON, CORYRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario450100
9ANTHONY , BILLWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick440100
10BAKER, JORDANWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick440100
11JOHNSON, DANDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia420100
12FEHLER, DEREKSPFGAWestAlberta410100
13DEFORREST, DAILENSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan48096
14SCOBIE, JEFFSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan48096
15WARDER, MATTHEWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario47095.92
16WEBSTER, ANDREWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario47095.92
17BARKS, STEVEStittsvilleEastOntario46093.88
18D'ERRICO, JULIANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario46093.88
19WARD, CHRISStittsvilleEastOntario46093.88
20GAUDREAU, CHRISGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario45091.84
21GILMOUR, KOLANStittsvilleEastOntario45091.84
22HART, COLINStittsvilleEastOntario45091.84
23KANE, MATTGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario45091.84
24KNELSEN, MIKEDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba42091.3
25WIEBE, DANSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan45090
26WIGGINS, NATHANSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan45090
27HUI, MATTHEWStittsvilleEastOntario44089.8
28RODD, KENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario44089.8
29SAMUEL, CRAIGGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario44089.8
30GORDON, ROBERTStittsvilleEastOntario43087.76
31TOWLSON, RICKGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario43087.76
32VAN WYK, LOUISGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario43087.76
33URSO, MATTHEWRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario39086.67
34KIRKHAM, KENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario42085.71
35JAMIESON, TREVORSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan42084
36ROY, NICKStittsvilleEastOntario41083.67
37SCHAEFFER, JONATHANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario41083.67
38LAUNAY, RICKVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia39082.98
39DUECK, BENTLEYDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba38082.61
40PREVOST, GARRETTDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba38082.61
41BARON, JEFFSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan41082
42SIMSON, REXStittsvilleEastOntario40081.63
43TEPER, RICKGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario40081.63
44KILANI, KAREEMVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia38080.85
45CROWE, PAULGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario39079.59
46GOURGON, THOMASStittsvilleEastOntario39079.59
47HAOBOL, BRIANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario39079.59
48TAYLOR, WILLIAMWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick35079.55
49PODOPRIGORA, FEDORVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia37078.72
50BASSETT, MALCOLMSPFGAWestAlberta32078.05
51DUECK, BERNIEDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba35076.09
52ZIDAR, SHAUNDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba35076.09
53JONES, GABRIELStittsvilleEastOntario37075.51
54ENNS, BILLSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan37074
55HOGLE, LANCEStittsvilleEastOntario36073.47
56MEADOWS, STEPHANIEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario36073.47
57PINEL, BENJAMINStittsvilleEastOntario36073.47
58DE GROOTE, MARCRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario33073.33
59FEHR, LLOYDDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba33071.74
60HAMDY, HASHEMStittsvilleEastOntario35071.43
61JASAREVIC, DAMIRSPFGAWestAlberta29070.73
62FINDLAY, ANDREWSaskatoon Rifle and Revolver ClubCentralSaskatchewan35070
63LEE, DOROTHYStittsvilleEastOntario34069.39
64CAMPBELL, DALEDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia29069.05
65CHAN, HEIGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario33067.35
66KIRKPATRICK, ETHANStittsvilleEastOntario32065.31
67LIU, JIANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario31063.27
68SOUCIE, GREGORYStittsvilleEastOntario31063.27
69HEINRICHS, LAYTONDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba29063.04
70JONES, CHRISRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario27060
71ZANETTI, ERICRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario27060
72POIRIER, DANRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario26057.78
73ABERILLA, TROYGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario26053.06
74TRAHAN, MARTINRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario23051.11
75WATTEN, KRISGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario25051.02
76RUDDOCK, JAMESStittsvilleEastOntario24048.98
77BOESE, FREDYVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia22046.81
78LEE, CHARLESGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario22044.9
79PERKINS, RYANVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia21044.68
80POIRIER, BRANDONRifles Reels Game and Fish ClubEastOntario20044.44
81BILL, LAUNAYVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia19040.43
82CAMPBELL, MAXINEDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia16038.1
83KIRBY, MICHAELGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario12024.49

Production Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1VINCENT, ANDREWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario450100
2LAUZON, DANIELStittsvilleEastOntario440100
3GRAW, DARRINDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia390100
4FONTAINE, GABRIELDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba380100
5NAULT, TIMOTHYVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia350100
6L'ABBE, JOELSPFGAWestAlberta340100
7DOULL, ROBINWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick180100
8MARTIN, EDWINDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia38097.44
9STOFFELS, HUDSONGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario43095.56
10JOLICOEUR, PASCALStittsvilleEastOntario41093.18
11D'ARCY, ANDREWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario40088.89
12MAY, SHAWNDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia34087.18
13LUMSDEN, CHRISStittsvilleEastOntario38086.36
14GAY, DOUGGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario38084.44
15TAYLOR, DONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick15083.33
16BROWNE, STEVEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario37082.22
17RODRIGUES, RUSSStittsvilleEastOntario34077.27
18JONES, ROBERTDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia28071.79
19MASIK, GREGSPFGAWestAlberta21061.76
20ROSS, RICHARDSPFGAWestAlberta21061.76
21WATKINS, BRANDONStittsvilleEastOntario27061.36
22POMMELET, LISAVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia20057.14
23BUFFA, ALEXVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia18051.43
24CAIRNS, ADAMGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario19042.22
25GILES, MARKVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia9025.71
26STEPHENS, JEFFGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario11024.44
27HARLEY, TOMSPFGAWestAlberta7020.59
28ALEXANDER, JOHNGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario9020
29QUESNELLE, BRIANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario9020
30LIANG, YUNXINGVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia5014.29

Youth Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1TRINKE, LUKEDominion Outdoors Shooting RangeCentralManitoba420100
2PAULSEN, EDJEDawson Creek Sportsmans ClubWestBritish Columbia350100
3KIRKHAM, HAYDENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario320100
4JONES, ÉVAStittsvilleEastOntario200100
5JOLICOEUR, AVERYStittsvilleEastOntario16080