Club Race Standings

Club Race Standings are the shooter rankings for the month based on their score against all other participants across Canada who shot the same course of fire.

Points Calculation

Match winners in each division are awarded 100 points. All other shooters’ match points will be based off of the percentage of the winning shooter’s points . (For example, if the winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84% or 84 points from 100).

The leader board will be first sorted using the competitors’ series points and then by the actual match points scored during each match.

Competitor’s match points are aggregated for the 2021 season and shown on the National Leaderboard.

A couple of notes:

1) If you participated in two matches of the same month, your score for first match will count for the points race.

2) If you shot more with than one club, the first one in alphabetical order is what will show up next to your name.



Monthly Club Race Standings

Open Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1GINGRICH, JOHNGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario490100
3QUENET, MATTHEWVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia410100
4ULMER, DANIELJoe Rich Sportsmans AssociationWestBritish Columbia390100
5TAYLOR, WILLIAMWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick320100
6BORSELLINO, STEPHENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario46093.88
7VAN WYK, LOUISGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario46093.88
8D'ERRICO, JULIANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario45091.84
9GAUDREAU, CHRISTOPHERGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario45091.84
10SCHAEFFER, JONATHANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario45091.84
11WEBSTER, ANDREWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario45091.84
13NAULT, TIMOTHYVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia37090.24
14CROUCH, KYLEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario44089.8
15TUSKAN, STEVEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario43087.76
16FRADETTE, WARRENJoe Rich Sportsmans AssociationWestBritish Columbia34087.18
17KILANI, KAREEMVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia35085.37
18MARTIN, ADAMGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario41083.67
19KANE, MATTGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario40081.63
20RODD, KENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario39079.59
21D'ARCY, ANDREWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario38077.55
22NEUMANN, RALPHGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario38077.55
23WARDER, MATTHEWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario38077.55
24FEHLER, DEREKSPFGAWestAlberta33075
25SOMMERFELD, JONATHANJoe Rich Sportsmans AssociationWestBritish Columbia29074.36
26MCNEIL, ROBERTGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario36073.47
27FABER, DARRELLGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario34069.39
28TOWLSON, RICKGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario33067.35
29BRUENE, MICHAELGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario31063.27
30CHAN, HEIGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario31063.27
31CROWE, PAULGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario31063.27
32KHEMI, PETERGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario31063.27
33WITZKE, SHAYNEJoe Rich Sportsmans AssociationWestBritish Columbia24061.54
34SMITH, TIMJoe Rich Sportsmans AssociationWestBritish Columbia23058.97
35LACUNA, CARLOSGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario28057.14
36FABER, JACOBGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario27055.1
37MEADOWS, STEPHANIEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario26053.06
38SCHNEIDER, FRANKGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario26053.06
39POPELNITSKIY, EVGENYVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia18043.9
40WALKER, ASHLEIGHVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia18043.9
41CONNER, ROGERGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario20040.82
42DEITNER, DREWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario20040.82
43ABERILLA, TROYGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario19038.78
44GULLAGE, STEPHENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario19038.78
45QUESNELLE, BRIANGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario19038.78
46WILSON, DARRYLGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario19038.78
47JONES, MICHAELVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia15036.59
48RUSTON, TODDGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario17034.69
49BRADLEY, JOHNJoe Rich Sportsmans AssociationWestBritish Columbia13033.33
50COUILLARD, JAMESSPFGAWestAlberta14031.82
51SYZMCZYK, JOEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario15030.61
52LANDA, ROBVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia12029.27
53HINE, FRANCISSPFGAWestAlberta12027.27
54MITCHELL, CAMERONGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario13026.53
55JASAREVIC, DAMIRSPFGAWestAlberta10022.73
56MACKENZIE, KAIDENVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia7017.07
57PUGH, KENVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia5012.2

Production Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1RODRIGUES, RUSSGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario420100
2DOULL, ROBINWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick320100
3L'ABBE, JOELSPFGAWestAlberta300100
5HERTAY, LISAJoe Rich Sportsmans AssociationWestBritish Columbia260100
6PODOPRIGORA, FEDORVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia250100
7BEAST, FREDVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia23092
8STOFFELS, HUDSONGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario38090.48
9VINCENT, ANDREWGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario38090.48
10PERKINS, RYANVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia21084
11TEPER, RICKGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario31073.81
12CRONK, JONATHANVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia18072
13LONGRIDGE, ROBGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario30071.43
14GILES, MARKVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia16064
15JEFTHAS, ALEXVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia15060
16POMMELET, LISAVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia15060
17CAI, JAMES XIANGQINGGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario25059.52
18LU, KENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario23054.76
19WOO, KENGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario21050
21ROSS, RICHARDSPFGAWestAlberta15050
22HAWKINS, LARRYGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario19045.24
23HACKEL, STEVEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario17040.48
24MASIK, GREGSPFGAWestAlberta12040
25BOOKER, DOUGWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick12037.5
26CLARK, DAVEVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia9036
27STEPHENS, JEFFGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario14033.33
28SULLIVAN, TRAVISWoodstock Pistol and Rifle ClubEastNew Brunswick10031.25
29WATTEN, KRISGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario12028.57
30KWOK, LAWRENCEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario11026.19
31MARTIN, DAVIDGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario11026.19
32SMART, REGGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario10023.81
33BOGOJAVLENSKIS, DMITRIJSGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario5011.9
34HOLMES, MICHAELGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario409.52
35ENGLISH, JONGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario307.14

Youth Division

RankNameClubRegionProvinceMatch PointsSeries Points
1TOWLSON , LEOGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario370100
2POPELNITSKAYA, MARINAVictoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWestBritish Columbia80100
4NEUMANN, RUBYGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario26070.27
5CROUCH, CHLOEGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario17045.95
6CROWE, AUBREYGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario15040.54
7VANDEREE, THOMASGuelph Rod and Gun ClubEastOntario15040.54