We get a lot of questions about this new and exciting competition series. We have done our best to answer the bulk of the common questions that we have received. If you have a question and don't see an answer below, feel free to contact us.

What is the Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series?

The Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series is a new competition series designed to provide Canadians with challenging and exciting matches that bring the .22LR rimfire rifle platform and positional shooting together in the same event. These events will test the shooter's skills in 5 physically and mentally challenging stages, against a variety of targets, in difficult positions all within a limited amount of time.

The targets are placed between 25 to 100 yards and vary in size from 1/4" to 6" in diameter.   With sizes usually increasing in proportion to the target distance and instability of  the shooter's position.

The series is limited to the .22lr rimfire caliber and is divided into a production class and open class.

What is the course of fire?

The course of fire is 5 timed stages with between 1-4 targets per stage.  The stages are usually 120 seconds long but can be shorter depending on the stage.

A stage will usually require a minimum of 10 rounds but may also be higher depending on the stage.

Different props or barricades are used at each stage as firing positions and are designed to test the shooter's ability to rapidly develop a stable shooting position.  Positional shooting should also be expected as part of the course of fire.  These include the typical positions of standing, sitting, kneeling and prone.  Shooter's with physical limitations will be accommodated at the match director's discretion.

There may be 1 or more targets placed strategically to force the shooter to transition between targets.  These targets will vary from 1/4" to 6" in diameter, depending on distance and shooting position stability.

Within a limited time, the shooter must build a solid position, engage the targets in prescribed sequence with the right amount of hits to score points.  These points are tabulated and the shooters with the top 3 highest point totals in each division at the end of the day are awarded medals.

What equipment is required?

The Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series is a .22lr rimfire competition series.  Only .22lr rimfire rifles are permitted.

Magazine fed rifles are recommended as the string of fire is commonly 10 rounds and is a timed stage.

The shooter must wear appropriate eye and ear protection.

Chamber flags are required and MUST be used at all times when not actively shooting at string of fire.

A shooter may bring and use a shooting bag or bags of their choice. All competitors are limited to a single support bag that must fit into a gallon/4 litre sized container.

A bipod, support bag or sling may be used  for positional shooting, unless otherwise stated in the stage description.

A typical course of fire will be between 50-100 rounds. Please bring some extra in case of tie shoot-offs.

Tripod use is not permitted.


What are the divisions?

We current have two divisions:

Production Division

Any .22LR rimfire rifle under $500 (MSRP USD) sporting an optic under $700 (MSRP USD)

All Savage, All Ruger, All CZ, All Tikka T1x except for the named Precision/Competition models are now in Production Division. The Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle is also in Production Division (an exception to the precision rule). All other unlisted rifles will be subject to the $500 USD MSRP limit.
We've also added the Athlon Helos and Vortex Venom models to the Production optics list. All unlisted optics will be subject to the $700 USD MSRP limit.

The objective of this class is to allow competitors with basic equipment to compete in a class with similar minded shooters.

Aftermarket barrels, triggers, including trigger spring kits and any other parts that modify the factory barreled action are NOT allowed. No modification of any kind may be made to the factory trigger or action.   Rifles will be inspected and trigger's tested during the event.

The following enhancements are allowed:

Aftermarket 10/22 Bolt Buffers

10/22 Auto Bolt Modifications

Upgraded Extractors

Aftermarket cheek rests or cheek pads

Extended magazine release/release levers

2022 production division rifles

Open Division

No restrictions.  All modification welcome


2021 Rulebook

The full 2021 Rulebook can be downloaded HERE