Club Race Standings

Club Race Standings are the shooter rankings for the month based on their score against all other participants across Canada who shot the same course of fire.

Points Calculation

The Open Division winner  is awarded 100 points. All other shooters’ match points will be based off of the percentage of the Open Division winner's shooter’s points . (For example, if the Open Division winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84% or 84 points from 100).

The leader board will be first sorted using the competitors’ series points and then by the actual match points scored during each match.

Competitor’s match points are aggregated for the 2022 season and shown on the National Leaderboard.  These points will begin to be aggregated in May and will run up to and include October match results.

A couple of notes:

1) If you participated in two matches of the same month, your score for first match will count for the points race.

2) If you shot more with than one club, the first one in alphabetical order is what will show up next to your name.



Monthly Club Race Standings

Combined Division Standings

NameDivisionClubSeries PointsMatch Points
Gaudreau, ChristopherOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club97.96480
Baker, JordanOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club97.96480
Sparling, GrantOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club95.92470
CROUCH, KYLEOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club95.92470
Martin, AdamOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club93.88460
Ulmer, DanielOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association93.88460
Kilani, KareemOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association93.88460
Dueck, BentleyOPENDominion Outdoors Shooting Range91.84450
Warder, MatthewOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club91.84450
Johnson, DanOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club89.8440
Faber, DarrellOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club89.8440
Schaeffer, JonathanOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club89.8440
De Groote, MarcOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club89.8440
Boughner, JesseOPENWarren Field89.8440
Warder, MatthewOPENWarren Field89.8440
Bruene, MichaelOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club87.76430
Stoffels, HudsonOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club87.76430
Duncan, ColinPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club87.76430
Rodrigues, RussPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club87.76430
Tischler, ChrisOPENWarren Field87.76430
Tischler, JessicaYOUTHWarren Field87.76430
Rodd, KenOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club85.71420
Chan, HeiOPENLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club85.71420
Dent, JamieOPENLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club85.71420
Turner, MikePRODUCTIONBuffalo Target Shooters Association83.67410
Squires, EmersonOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club83.67410
Webster, AndrewOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club83.67410
Fradette, WarrenOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association83.67410
quenet, matthewOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association83.67410
Bolton, RayPRODUCTIONWarren Field83.67410
Dickinson, ChloeOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club83.67410
Kilgour, KylePRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club81.63400
Gay, DougPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club81.63400
Johnson, CoryOPENLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club81.63400
Walker, DanOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association81.63400
niven, lowellOPENSPFGA81.63400
Hutchings, CharlieOPENSPFGA81.63400
MacDonald, GrantPRODUCTIONVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association81.63400
Podoprigora, FedorPRODUCTIONVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association81.63400
Yungblut, BenOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club79.59390
Pedersen, AndrewOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association79.59390
Hildebrand, TravisOPENDominion Outdoors Shooting Range77.55380
Bird, MikePRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club77.55380
Halliday, isaiahPRODUCTIONJoe Rich Sportsmans Association77.55380
Stengele, BrianOPENLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club77.55380
Williamson, JamesPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club77.55380
Lee, TonyPRODUCTIONNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association77.55380
Taylor, WilliamOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club77.55380
Faber, JacobOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club75.51370
Teper, RickPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club75.51370
Rushant, JoeOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association75.51370
Setterland, CalebOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association75.51370
Mailloux, RyanOPENWarren Field75.51370
Halmo, MikeOPENWarren Field75.51370
Dueck, BernieOPENDominion Outdoors Shooting Range73.47360
Zidar, ShaunOPENDominion Outdoors Shooting Range73.47360
Qian, ChengOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club73.47360
Howe, CoryOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association73.47360
Launay, RickOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association73.47360
Chow, DuncanOPENSPFGA73.47360
Maduke, CameronPRODUCTIONSPFGA73.47360
Tuskan, SteveOPENWarren Field73.47360
Cumpson, JimOPENWarren Field73.47360
Fontaine, GabrielPRODUCTIONDominion Outdoors Shooting Range71.43350
Wolfe, AndrewdanykaYOUTHDominion Outdoors Shooting Range71.43350
O'Brien, ElliottOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club71.43350
Kilgour, IainOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club71.43350
Towlson, RickPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club71.43350
Woo, KenPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club71.43350
Woods, StevenOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association71.43350
LUCAS, EVANOPENLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club71.43350
Bell, CraigOPENLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club71.43350
Gardner, KyleOPENSPFGA71.43350
Lee, TonyOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association71.43350
Miller, MattOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association71.43350
Jefthas, AlexPRODUCTIONVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association71.43350
Rodrigues, AaronOPENWarren Field71.43350
Savage, DanPRODUCTIONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club71.43350
Harris, NeilOPENBuffalo Target Shooters Association69.39340
Arthur, JustinOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club69.39340
Lombardo, VinceYOUTHGuelph Rod and Gun Club69.39340
Anthony , BillOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club69.39340
Heinrichs, LaytonOPENDominion Outdoors Shooting Range67.35330
Roy, StephOPENDominion Outdoors Shooting Range67.35330
Ruston, ToddOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club67.35330
Gullage, StephenOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club67.35330
Fields, WillPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club67.35330
Sharples, RikOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association67.35330
Tong, JerryOPENWarren Field67.35330
Kokeza, DennisOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club65.31320
Kerr, TomOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club65.31320
Hannam, LukePRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club65.31320
Lockhart, GrantOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association65.31320
Gerow, DenisOPENSPFGA65.31320
Jasarevic, DamirOPENSPFGA65.31320
Lepp, JimOPENSPFGA65.31320
Chappell, AdamPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club63.27310
Witzke, ShayneOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association63.27310
Milnutovik, NikPRODUCTIONJoe Rich Sportsmans Association63.27310
Cox, AdamOPENWarren Field63.27310
Ruxton, StevenOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club61.22300
McIntyre, ClaytonPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club61.22300
Grant, BenPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club61.22300
Smith, TimOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association61.22300
Duncan, KarenPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club61.22300
Lance, AlexanderPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club61.22300
Jones, MichaelOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association61.22300
Hine, FrancisOPENSPFGA61.22300
Eccleston, SashaOPENSPFGA61.22300
Rodrigues, ReeseYOUTHWarren Field61.22300
Doull, RobinOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club61.22300
Schmidek, BrianPRODUCTIONBuffalo Target Shooters Association59.18290
Guerra, RichardPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club59.18290
Navarro, DavidPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club59.18290
Towlson , LeoYOUTHGuelph Rod and Gun Club59.18290
Lock, ZackOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club57.14280
Launay, BillPRODUCTIONVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association57.14280
Fehler, DerekOPENSPFGA57.14280
Masik, GregPRODUCTIONSPFGA57.14280
Desjardins, RudyOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association57.14280
Jensen, KarlOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club57.14280
Foster, StuPRODUCTIONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club57.14280
ANDERSON, RICHARDOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club55.1270
Conner, RogerOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club55.1270
Hertay, LisaOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association55.1270
Barclay, ChadPRODUCTIONJoe Rich Sportsmans Association55.1270
Perkins, RyanPRODUCTIONNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association55.1270
Nickerson, BarbaraOPENSPFGA55.1270
Hutchings, SophiaOPENSPFGA55.1270
Eccleston, ColePRODUCTIONSPFGA55.1270
Kitagawa, BradPRODUCTIONVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association55.1270
Dickinson , JacksonOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club55.1270
Michaud, RickyOPENWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club55.1270
Tchervov, AlexandrePRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club53.06260
Schnettler, JameyOPENSPFGA53.06260
Taylor, DalePRODUCTIONBuffalo Target Shooters Association51.02250
CAMPBELL, DaleOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club51.02250
Hill, CharlieYOUTHDominion Outdoors Shooting Range51.02250
Lee, StevenOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club51.02250
Wood, JimOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club51.02250
Quan, EthanOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club51.02250
Schultz, TimPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club51.02250
Birch, MaggiePRODUCTIONJoe Rich Sportsmans Association51.02250
Haney, JeffPRODUCTIONNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association51.02250
Eccleston, DougOPENSPFGA51.02250
Tischler, AmandaYOUTHWarren Field51.02250
Jones, RobertPRODUCTIONDawson Creek Sportsmans Club48.98240
LIEBAU, DUSTINPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club48.98240
Laughlin, ToddPRODUCTIONSPFGA48.98240
Mackenzie, KaidenOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association48.98240
Khemi, PeterOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club46.94230
Vanderee, ThomasYOUTHGuelph Rod and Gun Club46.94230
Martjn, JamesOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association46.94230
Giles, MarkPRODUCTIONVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association46.94230
York, AaronOPENJoe Rich Sportsmans Association44.9220
Misener, CalOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association44.9220
Tompkins, BlainePRODUCTIONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club44.9220
May, ShawnPRODUCTIONDawson Creek Sportsmans Club42.86210
Duncan, FionaYOUTHLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club42.86210
Mjolsness, AndreOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association42.86210
Navaro, DavidOPENWarren Field42.86210
Couillard, JamesOPENBuffalo Target Shooters Association40.82200
Bolch, DarrylOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club40.82200
Kwok, LawrencePRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club40.82200
Bogojavlenskis, DmitriPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club40.82200
Button, FrankOPENNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association40.82200
Tang, MichaelOPENGuelph Rod and Gun Club38.78190
Crouch, ChloeYOUTHGuelph Rod and Gun Club38.78190
Launay, LoganYOUTHNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association38.78190
Boughner, LoganYOUTHWarren Field38.78190
Sullivan, TravisPRODUCTIONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club38.78190
Boyle, DanPRODUCTIONLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club36.73180
Mark Giles, MarkPRODUCTIONNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association36.73180
Conrad, MaddoxYOUTHWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club36.73180
Clayton, MichaelOPENLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club34.69170
Daigle, MarcoPRODUCTIONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club34.69170
O'Sullivan, CallumPRODUCTIONBuffalo Target Shooters Association32.65160
Sadym, JacobOPENBuffalo Target Shooters Association30.61150
Johnson, RobinOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club30.61150
Campbell, MaxineOPENDawson Creek Sportsmans Club30.61150
McLaughlin, KenPRODUCTIONBuffalo Target Shooters Association28.57140
Weidmark, RyanYOUTHLower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club28.57140
Godreau, PierrePRODUCTIONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club28.57140
Taylor, ChelePRODUCTIONBuffalo Target Shooters Association26.53130
Wolfe, RyanPRODUCTIONNanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association26.53130
Scott, GeorginaOPENVictoria Fish and Game Protective Association24.49120
Bellefeuile, ReneePRODUCTIONWoodstock Pistol and Rifle Club22.45110
Morgan, LukePRODUCTIONBuffalo Target Shooters Association18.3790
Farmer, RichardPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club18.3790
Barclay, LindenYOUTHJoe Rich Sportsmans Association18.3790
Wang, WaynePRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club14.2970
Stephens, JeffPRODUCTIONGuelph Rod and Gun Club10.250