Host an Outlaw match

Hosting an Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series match is designed to be easy. Interested ranges must first signup to be a registered match host.  Please allow 30 days before your first desired match date to allow for the registration process, steel purchase and range equipment planning.  Once registered as a match host location, signup for an upcoming match and begin organizing your event.  ORPS will manage the creation of the match event on the ORPS Facebook page and the Practiscore registration page for your competitor registrations.  You can share this link with your social network and local businesses to help promote the event.

We will send you the Course of Fire, medals, chamber flags and score sheets needed to run the match.  The course of fire will contain all the information needed to setup the match, including safety and range commands, stage layouts, stage briefings and barricade/prop lists.

Organize your volunteers and run the event.  Once the match has concluded, you submit the results electronically and we post the results to the national and provincial leaderboards on

What will ORPS provide:

1) Creation and management of your event on the ORPS calendar on the website and Facebook page
2) Creation and management of your specific Practiscore event(s)
3) Medals for 1,2,3 Place winners for Production and Open Divisions
4) Scoring spreadsheets for match scoring to be completed and submitted
5) Administration of the OPRS Series Monthly National and Provincial Leaderboards.

What will your Range/Club need to provide:

1) Access to 100-yard range with at least 25 yards of width to allow enough space for 5 shooting positions simultaneously.
2) Standard set of shooting position props described in the monthly course of fire.
3) Set of standard ORPS steel targets and hangers from Gong Joe Targets
4) Match Director, the ORPS primary contact and responsible for the local administration and running of the match.
5) Volunteers to help setup steel, shooting position, manage the stages, keep score and to ensure safety at the event. At the end of the match, scores are uploaded to Practiscore, leaderboard standings updated by ORPS administration and competitors notified.

Administration and Cost

The Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series match fees are set at a default of $30 per competitor and collected at time of registration via Practiscore. A $12 ORPS administrative is charged for each competitor to cover costs.  A club may may choose to set a higher registration fee to cover any additional, local costs.  The $12 administration fee remains the same. Conversely, clubs may choose to waive collecting their portion of the registration fee and decrease the registration fee to the minimum $12.

The balance of the funds are e-transferred to the club within 7 after the match has concluded and the competitor roster and scores confirmed.

Sign up and become a registered Outlaw Match location.

Fill in the contact sheet below and we'll send you the information you need to get registered as an Outlaw Match location.