The Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series has been a great gateway to long range PRS style shooting. If this is your first attempt at shooting an ORPS event, here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your first event.

Tip # 1- Don’t get caught up in the gear!!

My first Production Division Rifle in all its glory. Marlin XT22.

If I can offer only one sound piece of advice it would be this. Don’t get caught up in the gear. I repeat, Don’t get caught up in the gear. Use the gear you already have. As long as you have a reasonably accurate .22LR you’ll be fine. It can be your ‘ol faithful rabbit/squirrel getter or a purpose built PRS rig. If you have it use it. With ORPS’ shortened distances, the equipment requirements are greatly reduced. A basic rifle and basic scope and an understanding of bullet drop will get you far. This leads to Tip #2.

Tip # 2 – Stick with one setup and learn it well

Find a setup that works for you and stick with it!

I am guilty of chasing the latest and greatest trends. I personally built a tricked out Ruger 10/22, then ended up getting a Marlin XT-22 to compete in Production class. From there I built up a open division Savage MKii with MDT chassis. Now after chasing trends, I’m back to a basic plastic stocked Savage MKii.

What did I learn? The gun did not make ME a better shooter. I learned that only time behind the gun shooting at various distances and learning what my rifle and ammo are capable of doing, are what will make me a better shooter. This brings us to Tip #3.

Tip # 3 – Work on Positional shooting

Perfect Practice = Perfect Performance

Positional Shooting is the ability to shoot from various positions, usually unsupported. This includes standing, sitting, kneeling and prone. If you want a great way to learn this, I would recommend attending a Project Mapleseed event near you. They really break down each position and show you how to shoot well. Not only is this great for competition, but if you’r like some of us gunnies out there that dabble in hunting, it serves dual duty.

Tip # 4 – Learn your D.O.P.E

“Data On Previous Engagements” or D.O.P.E is just a fancy way of saying “knowing where your bullet goes in a given distance or situation. With the shorter distances in ORPS, it has less effect, but it is still there. For example, shooting CCI Standard Velocity ammo, you will experience roughly 8″-9” of bullet drop shooting out to 100 yards.

Tip # 5 – Get Acquainted

ORPS course of fire are free to download. Download it, print it, shoot in in the comfort of your own range. Get comfortable with shooting off the various items in the prop list. You don’t even need to go to the range. You can work on your transitions in the comfort of your own home with an unloaded and safe rifle. For example practice working up and down the rungs of the ladder. Find out which shooting bag in your collection is the best to shoot under a chair. All of this “pregame” effort will make your transitions smoother and faster come game day.

Tip # 6 – Get Out There

Attend an Event. You may surprise yourself!!

There are a good amount of people out there that go and buy the hottest gear money can buy, can tell you all the ballistic data about any given round and yet never come out to an event. The internet is full of them. That’s OK. They have their place.

However, the best way to get good at this is to GET OUT THERE and attend an event. How else are you going to know what you need to work on. I had no clue what I was getting into in 2018 at my first CRPS event in Valcartier, QC. I researched the heck out of everything from guns to ammo to scopes. I probably watched hours and hours of youtube videos to get an idea of what to do. But, only by attending an event did I really understand.

I learned many things that day and had an amazing time. I was hooked from that point on. Make the commitment to yourself to attend either a CRPS event or ORPS event in your area. I’m certain you will have a good time, meet some new friends and learn what you can improve on for the next event.

Tip # 7 – Have Fun & Be Safe

Have fun!. That’s why we do this!!

This series can be as competitive or “laid back” as you make it. the main point is to have fun. At an ORPS or CRPS event you will be sure to have fun. You will be challenged. You may drop a stage and end up with a score of zero. Your equipment may fail. All of these things can happen. The key take-away is to enjoy the experience and learn from it.

Most importantly is to be safe. Listen attentively to the safety briefing. If you are unsure of something, don’t be shy, ask for clarification. Follow the directions for each stage closely. Follow safe firearm handling etiquette.


If you follow this few tips, you will be sure to have a challenging and fun event. I’m sure you will be hooked and come back for more.

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