So you have been following the Outlaw series, maybe via this website or maybe through our Canadian Rimfire Precision Series FB page and FB Group. Perhaps you haven’t seen any events in your area BUT you really……really want to try this crazy little thing called “Rimfire PRS”.

Good news for you, your local club can host an ORPS event. Heck, you can host an event each month if you wish.

Here’s our top reasons to host an ORPS event at your local range.

#1. It Adds Variety.

Not everyone is interested in putting tight little groups of holes into paper. Some people enjoy a more dynamic and challenging environment. PRS shooting makes participants race the clock and problem solve all while trying to hit a relatively “small” target from “far away”. With only a 100 yards, you are simulating shooting steel targets that would be 500+ yards away.

#2. It has a fast ROI

Compared to other shooting disciplines, ORPS’ equipment list is pretty minimal and “inexpensive”. And because we use the same sets of equipment over and over each month in new and exciting ways, it pays for itself quickly.

#3. Always Evolving.

Every Month the ORPS releases a new and challenging course of fire for ranges to host. This keeps things interesting to your membership base and leaves them wanting more. It is not uncommon to have competitors travel to “re-shoot ” the same course of fire.

#4. Compete Nationally, Shoot Locally.

One of the nice things about ORPS is that you can shoot a local event and your score for the day will be tallied against other shooters across the country. Its a great way to see how you measure up locally and nationally. If you are a really competitive individual, you can see the who the “top dogs” are and try your best to gain their spot.

#5. Growing The Sports for the future.

Part of the ORPS mandate is to encourage the next generation of shooter. In order to accomplish this, children under the age of 18 shoot free when accompanied by a registered paid adult. From a gun club perspective, you are planting the seeds for future memberships. Also, the more people we expose to our “gun culture”, the better it is for everyone.

#6. Great Revenue Stream for your Club.

With a relatively quick ROI (return on investment), you can then begin building up your club’s funds. This can be used to add prizes to future events, fund other gun club ventures, expand a club’s offerings, etc. The sky is the limit. Not only is there direct profit created by the event itself, but there is potential for spinoff revenue from the exposure of having new people frequent your club and potentially becoming a member.


Now that you have read some of the many reasons to host an ORPS event at your local club, its time to get down and make it happen. The best thing to do is to talk to your clubs various directors and see if they would like to try hosting an event. Talk to some of your fellow rimfire enthusiasts and long range aficionados at you club. Maybe if there is enough interest, your club will host an event.

Also, we do have some very fortunate ORPS hosts that are not a conventional shooting range. They are individuals that own a large piece of private land that they are able to legally discharge firearms and host such an event. But make sure you do your homework and follow the regulations of your province/territory and local municipal laws if you wish to host an event like this.

If you are ready, register your club now!